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led lighting
led lighting
led lighting
led lighting

- Modular Design… Easy to Install.

- Even light distribution…Suitable for work areas.

- Reduces energy consumption by up to 80%

- Expected life span up to 100,000 hours.

- Low maintenance cost.

- No mercury or phosphorescent pollution.

- Shock resistant-suitable for sport areas indoor/outdoor.

- Converts to 12 V.


SENTRY STREET170 products line has been designed for STREET LIGHTING applications as SAP or
HQI lamp, from 70W to 450W, substitution saving more than 50% of energy. OPPORTUNITY use a
TIR high efficency optical system (> 93%).

SENTRY STREET170 is composed by a reinforced anodized alluminium frame for lightweight and optimal
thermal efficency used to assemble from one to three led modules of 40W maximum power each.
A lower led cover protect led adding the "cutoff" of light beam (no light pollution over the horizon).
The alluminium frame allow a light flux maintenance (L70) for over 70.000 hours. The optimized
heat sinking allow the installation in high temperature areas.
Installation on 60mm diametre pole, straight or curved with tilt adjustment avaible only on straight
installation (horizontal position or +15° tilted).

Avaiable Codes
base code led color lm optic finishing power supply power notes
17 - 170W 3000°K 18336lm C street, cd outdoor, ox 230VAC 168w class 1 
  4000°K 19717lm 8 diffused        
  M 5000°K  19717lm          
  4 6000°K  21077lm          
Technical Specifications
led number & model 3 CREE CXA assembled on an anodized alluminium frame
luminous flux & CRI lamp lumen flux of 19717lm based on 4000°K/5000°K CRI 70 model of a switched on lamp installed at Ta +35°C. avaiable in 3000°K (18336lm) and 6000°K (21077lm) CRI of 70
optical system light beam compatible for motorized road as standard safety regulations, avaiable with diffused emission for decorative lighting, avaiable on request photometric data files in EULUMDAT format
power supply input voltage 110-230vac +/- 10% 50-60hz, over voltage protection till 305vac, class 1(isolation class 2 with earth ground), active >0.9, conversion efficency > 93%
materials & finishing lamp in outdoor anodized (only black) or painted alluminium and stainless steel tube interface
silicon lenses and resin coated driver
dimensions & weight overall dimensions 55cmx18cm height 10cm
maximum weight 4kg
lifetime L70 (luminous flux not under 70% of initial rate) > 70,000 hours @ Ta < 45°C
power supply > 50,000 hours @ Ta < 40°C
IP & Ta general IP protection grade IP65 
driver IP67
Ta -25°C / +55°C
installation installation for straight pole, with tilt adjustment 0°/15°, or curved pole, without tilt adjustment, of 60mm pole diametre
equivalent wattage the thermal design and the high optical efficency of OPPORTUNITY 17 is able to give the same lighting performances of a SAP/HQI 400W substituting lamp to lamp
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